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Q: I have a lot of dandruff, is it a symptom of hair loss?
A: Many people think that dandruff comes from a drying scalp with hopes that using a strong shampoo will clear the problem. This is a wrong perception. If the sebum gland from the hair follicle which secretes too much sebum, it will block the follicle and scalp's heat will dry out the sebum. It then turns into white flakes of dandruff. A stressful lifestyle will cause our body to secrete more androgen which will promote the secretion of sebum. The massive sebum provides a suitable proliferating environment for a Sebophilic Fungal that eventually causes chronic inflammation in hair follicles. As a result, hair follicles will gradually get damaged and cause hair to fall out. Seeking a suitable shampoo is the solution.

Q: Is it harmful to use chemical products to stop hair loss?
A: Some products contain chemical compositions that can ease itchiness, leave you feeling fresh or help stop hair loss, but at the same time it also washes away the thin layer of sebum which is there to protect the invasion of bacteria into our scalp. After a period of time, the symptoms can appear again more severely.

Q: How do I prevent the occurrence of Alopecia Seborrhea?
A: The major reason that Alopecia happens is due to the massive secretion of androgen and the infection of Sebophilic Fungal which causes chronic scalp inflammation. The simple and most effective way to prevent the infection of Sebophilic Fungal is to wash your hair regularly by using a mild acidic shampoo.



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